Types of locks

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    Types of locks

    Gym locks company was established with an aim of providing security solutions by ensuring that it provide  secure,affordable,efficient and modern locks globally.we have many types of locks that do not limit any type of customer , example the commercial door locks and the high end door locks  systems.our locks are strong enough to protect your facility from harsh weather elements and intruders.examples of gymlock products

    Hotel locks gymlock hotel lock

    with the advancement in technology we have made it easier by providing this type of lock where by you use a smart key card,it is mostly used in hotels once the customer checks in.it is prone to theft cases because you cant break in.

    Deadlockgymlock deadlock

    With this type of lock you need a key to open and close,they do not operate with a spring to hold the bolt in place.its benefit is it is harder to open the lock so an intruder may need large amount of force to enter.it is mostly used in gates.

    Lever handle locks

    These are locks whose tumblers are lever that must be raised to a given position so that the bolt can move.they  are the mostly used home locks and there are variety like the bathroom locks,main door locks,bedroom locks,front door locks.

    Electronic door lockselectronic door lock

    Electronic lock operate by means of electric  current.they sometimes stand alone with electronic control assembly mounted directly to the lock.they are remotely monitored and controlled ,both to lock and unlock.

    Door knob

    It has a round handle with a knob shape that you turn to open a door.with this lock it is effective as they work with doors that swing in either direction and are easy to use.

     Rozie aluminium lockaluminium lock.

    With this type of lock, it is commonly used and affordable ,it is secure and long-lasting. it can be used for front door locks ,main door lock and bedroom lock.

     Rozie brass bathroom lock

    The door lock is unique and as we all know bathroom needs a lot of privacy so it must be well secured,and the lock should be designed in a way that to actuate  the locking mechanism is simple enough to use  and it only lock in one way that is walking in and will open freely from inside.

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