A deadbolt lock is a basic element of home security though not all are created equal. We’ve so

many things we can to do to boost home security, such as adding alarms or getting guard dogs,

but unless we’ve used or worked with deadbolt locks,our homes are not secure.


A deadbolt is a type of a lock with a steel bolt that extends into the door jamb and strike plate of a door

frame.The most common type is the single-cylinder deadbolt, operated by a twist knob on the

outside .some people prefer the double-cylinder deadbolt, which doesn’t have a twist knob and

requires a key for operation both inside and outside the home.


A deadbolt to function properly the bolt must extend fully into the hole on the doorjamb.The hole

should be reinforced with a small strike plate.If it doesn’t extend all the way into the hole or if a

strike plate isn’t used, the lock and the door frame can be compromised.


Home owners should take note that single-cylinder deadbolt can be breached if an entry has glass

panels.A double-cylinder deadbolt will protect against this, thereby, home owners keep a key  close

by arms reach.


Security cronk says, avoid hiding a spare key under the doormat.”Get a secure lock box for your Hide-a-

key”.Security cronk also recommends new home owners have their locks changed, because there is no

way to  know who previously had the keys to the home, you’re staying to avoid theft and door-knock cases

such as stealing.

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